If you have the opportunity to come to Saigon, besides finding beautiful places, you can also hunt for famous Vietnamese street food here. Being wandered around Saigon's inn is also a very interesting thing. Learn 10 famous Vietnamese street food in Saigon.

Bột Chiên (Fried Cake) – Saigon Street Food

Bot Chien is basically fried rice cakes. In addition, this is a simple and delicious dish. The specialty is that you will not find it in luxury restaurants and just sold on the pavement. Moreover. the rice cakes are made from rice flour and tapioca starch, sliced into bite-sized pieces, then fried, normally on a hot skillet in lots of lard, along with some light seasonings, until crispy and golden brown on the edges. Once cooked, the rice cakes are topped with an egg and a handful of green onions before being served and finally enriched with egg, and with a nice smoky flavor.

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